Case Study: Credit Velocity

Project Summary

Credit Velocity is a consulting business focused on providing services to improve customers overall credit score. They provide a variety of services to individuals and businesses.

They came to us in need of a new website which clearly communicates their service, processes, the benefits of doing business with them, and allows potential clients sign-up and pay for their services online.

In addition they wanted a membership portal that allows customers to track the progress of the services they provide.

The Strategy

The main objective for this project were:

  1. Creating a user-interface that clearly communicates the information needed for a user to understand the services offered and assess if the service meets their needs.

  3. Build the website on a CMS (content management system) platform, allowing the client to easily make changes to the website as needed.

  5. Build a shopping cart into the website allowing customers to purchase services online.

  7. Integrate an industry specific software platform into the website, allowing customers to track the progress of the service they’ve purchased, and help the client easily manage their customer base.

  9. Develop an “E-mail Opt-in Marketing Funnel” allowing the client to give away free valuable information to build a targeted email list, and market their services using an “email auto-responder system”.

  11. Build and manage digital advertising campaigns focused on generating high quality leads for the businesses services. The digital advertising campaign was initially slated to run for 120 days, but was paused after 14 days to due the COVID-19 virus pandemic arising.

Proven Results

The website development portion of this project was completed successfully. We meet all the key objectives while finishing the website development portion within the time frame given to the client initially.

The digital advertising portion of this project was partially completed. We built the campaigns and all the marketing materials needed to generate positive results from the campaign. The campaign was paused due to the rise of the COVID-19 virus, and is postponed until the target market economies begin to re-open.

The following results were delivered:

Web Pages Built

Budget for Website Development (USD)

Digital Advertising Campaigns Built

Days for Project Completion

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